Stacks and Cycles

What Is Stacking ?

“Stacking” is a dosing regimen that consists of taking 2 or more products together every day.
The 2 most common stacks are Muscle Building Stacks, and Fat Burning Stacks.

The purpose of stacking is to achieve a specific goal very quickly.
Competing bodybuilders will use a bulking stack in the off season to build more muscle mass before their cutting cycle.

What Are Cycles?

“Cycling” is the concept of using 1 product at a time. You might very well purchase a bodybuilding stack, but you will only use 1 product at a time.

There are mainly 2 types of cycles. Bulking cycles, and cutting cycles.

The purpose of cycling is to deliver slow-steady-refined gains. This way the muscle building or fat loss appears very natural and solid.

Competing bodybuilders will typically run a cutting cycle in the final 2 months prior to a bodybuilding show. This is how they get abs fast in the final weeks before competing.

Here at Muscle Labs USA, you are not just a product consumer, you are a client.
Our services do not stop at selling you a product. We also advise professional and competing athletes.
We also offer advice to our non competing clients who are looking to improve their health and physical appearance.

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