Recommended Dose

Recommended Dose

By Muscle Labs USA

How To Take Legal Steroids.
Here You Will Find a Brief Summary of Recommended Dose.

Using the correct dose is not only important for better results, but safety. How to take your legal steroids in a way that offers maximum effectiveness is a common question that most users want to know.

There is more than 1 regimen and protocol that will be effective. Stacking or cycling are both options you will want to consider. The main goal is getting the maximum results, as quickly and safely as possible.

Regimen and Protocol

1) Consistency:

Bodybuilding supplements need to be taken daily at the same time if possible. The dosage can change daily (like taking 1/2 doses on your off days), but they need to be taken at approximately the same time. This assures nice steady levels of legal-steroids in your system. These are not the type of products that you take for 3 days and say “oh, I don’t feel any different”. These products promote physical changes in 100% of users, so if taken correctly, and consistently, they produce results.

2) Training frequency:

Train short, heavy and hard. Make sure you have a legitimate workout program. Showing up at they gym without a plan of increasing weight and reps is not going to maximize your results. With the right training plan and use of your anabolic supplements you can expect to be very satisfied with your results.

When done correctly users reported 1 rep bench presses increase by 50-100bs in only 30 days. Those who used fat burning pills seen 6 pack abs coming in as quick as 3 weeks and it’s even common to put an inch or 2 on your arms in just a month or 2.

3) Diet:

All muscle building supplements need to be taken with a full glass of water, protein, or milk. This assures maximum uptake and proper digestion of the ingredients. To keep your system clean, it’s advised to increase water intake as much as possible while taking these supplements. 1/2-1 Gallon of water daily is the gold standard for any serious weight lifter. If you can drink a gallon of water throughout the day during heavy training sessions, you’re right on track.

Some bulking supplements like Dianibol, can drastically increase your appetite within days of using them. Make sure to eat lots of meat, milk and carbs in order to feed your bodies new demands. The best way to curb your appetite is by supplementing your diet with a protein drink. While using legal-steroids, it is best to take in 50-100 additional grams of protein daily. This is when the growth starts!

*Below is a suggested regimen on how to take your bodybuilding supplements. If you are going to stack them, you will still follow the same regimen suggested per product.


Anadroll™ aka Drol: 1-2 tablets approximately 1 hour before training.
AndroTren™ aka Tren: 1-2 capsules either first thing in the morning or before bed.
OXAnivar™ aka Var: 1-2 capsules before bed with protein or milk.
Beastdrol™: 1-3 capsules daily with dinner.
Clenbuterall™ aka Clen: 1-2 capsules approximately 20 minutes before training.
Deccabolan™ aka Deca: 1-2 capsules either first thing in the morning with breakfast.
Diandrobol(D-BOL): 1-3 capsules daily with dinner or before bed.
Dianadrol®: 1-3 capsules daily with dinner.
Methyl-D-1-Test™: 1-2 tablets approximately 1 hour before training.
PCT-Rx™ Post Cycle therapy: Once your cycle is completed, use 1-2 capsules daily for 2-4 weeks.
PrimoDrol™: 1-2 capsules 30-60 minutes before training.
Synthobolic®: 1ml. per muscle. See Synthol Dose Here.
Synthol-877™: 1ml. per muscle. See Synthol Dose Here.
Testosterone-1™: 1-2 tablets with lunch.
Testobolic™: 1-2 tablets approximately at lunch with food
Winsdrol-V™ (Stanozall): 1-2 capsules approximately 20 minutes before training.
Xenaclen™: 1-2 capsules 30-60 minutes before training.


Once your steroid cycle or muscle stack is completed, you can best determine your next step. It is very typical to follow up a bulking cycle with a cutting stack. You might even decide to keep bulking or cutting until your desired results are achieved.


Best of Luck and Happy Training!